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BANDAI MG 1/100 ZGMF-X42S DESTINY GUNDAM – WIP -01 萬代 MG 1比100 ZGMF-X42S 命運鋼彈製作過程-01

I started this in Mar 12   for the MAC Forum contest, but put it on hold after the snap-fit to do my wife’s going merry and was really busy with other stuff. Finally get back to this and have the chance to post it.
Here it is, some work in progress. My intention is to making this a shiny glossy metallic one. Processing includes getting rid of seams and gaps.

Removing of seams and parting lines,

Stripping up for painting

Accident!!! Broke the mid-section joint,

Glued back with wire reinforcement, but the joint will be weak, hope it does not drop off easily.

Some pre-painting sampling, I airbrush onto pseudo nails to check out the various effects of layering colors.

Gunze Crystal Color diamond on gloss black; Gaia Starbright silver on gloss black; Gaia bright silver on gloss black Crystal Color Blue Sapphire on Gloss black on off White

Gaia Premium Red over Bright Silver

Clear Green and Yellow over Bright Silver

After sampling, I started to airbrush the inner frame. I basically painted the part with different colors of Bright Silver, Bright Gold and Gun metal. All Giaia Color.

I detail up the inner frame by Masking and spraying gold, clear blue, red and yellow. I did not hand paint because I felt that it would be difficult especially with metallic paint.

Masking to spray details

Masking tape off, phew.. looks ok,

Putting the legs together, I detail up the legs inner frame more because I have the 30th Anniversary transparent parts for the legs that I could use.

I tinted the thruster with green and yellow to simulate parts under high temperature.

I airbrushed silver,

then a pass of clear green and yellow, I was a little heavy with my spraying,

Put  the leg thruster onto the inner frame,

The arms,

Now moving to the outer panels. I realised I overlooked some seam lines and got it removed.

That’s for now.


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