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BANDAI MG 1/100 MS-05B ZAKU I WIP / 萬代MG 1/100 MS-05B 薩克一代製作過程 – Update 03

Hi Guys,

I finished this piece about Mid Sept 11, but was kind of busy and did not manage to take photo of the final piece and update the forum then. (To make thing worst, I dropped the kits and the head broke along the joining line that I had filed away and I have to remake it from start.)

I though, I’ll just update here on some of the things I did to finish up and post the picture of the finished one in the display case.

First I would say, like all the kits I made this year, I either loose some pieces or broke some pieces; for this kit, during the finishing stage, I lost the transparent pieces for the eye and the gunsight.

So I replaced them with G-Option Parts and Wave H-eye with reflective sticker on the back.

G-Option for eye and bazooka sight.

I used reflective sticker, kind of hologram type on the back of the H-eye which I use on the Rifle.

I completed and tested the HY2M head for the kit.

I used some IC socket pin(I think that is what it is called)to detail up the thruster.

Finally I place tiny screws into the holes I drilled on the shield and skirting pieces and shoulder armour.

Hand painted the pilot and that is it. I used the inbox dry transfer and bandai water-slide decal on te kit.

I panel wash with oil paint, raw umber color and finish with matt coat.

Thank you. comments, critique welcomed.

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