Mecha Stories / 機械物語

BANDAI MG 1/100 MS-05B ZAKU I WIP / 萬代MG 1/100 MS-05B 薩克一代製作過程


I finally set aside sometime to work on my next kit. I am always in a dilemma when deciding which kit to start as I have many kits from different gundam series, Macross, Orguss evagelion etc to choose from and have only limited time to work on my hobby.   Finally I narrow down to this 4.

Of this four I decided to go for the blue green zaku partly I was pretty motivated by the tutorial video of a Japanese Gunpla master, Iwata( I guest that’s the way to spell his name) and partly I do not want to be faced with the situation where bandai launch a Ver 2.0.

For this kit I put some effort on getting rid of the seam lines with either cement or superglue depending on the part and sanding. However, I got carried away with my file and created some unsightly filing marks for some pieces.

While using cement, I was impatient and started filing some pieces after an hour which end up not too good and I have to patch and refile again.

After filing and ready for creating pitted look with my rotary grinding tool.

I also did a separation to the head and inner frame in order to get rid of the seam line and paint separately.

Next I used tamiya putty dilute with lacquer thinner, brush and dab on the shoulder armor, knee and feet to create the rough grainy look.

Some pics on the pitted look, I think I want to add more of it and sand down.

For the shield, I smeared it  with super glue, sand and do some damage. The holes drilled is for some detail-up part screws. I might want to do some more damage and pitting to the shield.

That’s all for now.

The idea of pitting , treatment to the shield and the adding of rough texture to the armor are all from the video I watched. However, my work is far from the master in the video.

Any critics, comments or tips?

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